Removing Router Burn Marks

Tips on getting a clean surface when routing wood. June 9, 2007

Is there any easy way to remove router burn makes from mahogany or other hardwood? I was told that a solvent exists that makes the job easier.

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From contributor K:
The easiest way I know of is to take another pass with the router just a little deeper to cut it off. I normally take multiple passes to make sure this doesn't happen. Cut it close the first time, then clean up with a light pass.

From contributor S:
I agree with contributor K. I never even see router marks, but we always make a last pass a little deeper to clean up any marks.

From contributor F:
These guys are saying it is best not to get burns in the first place. But they happen, and the best way to remove them is by scraping. Removing burns with a burr scraper is the fastest way I have ever seen burns disappear. It is possible to grind a custom scraper to scrape out the ends of stopped coves too. I made one and it works great.