Removing the Velcro Adhesive from a Drum Sander

How to get the glue off a sander drum when you're changing out the velcro. November 18, 2006

Has anyone out there ever replaced the Velcro on a Woodmaster drum sander? I can't seem to get the old adhesive off unless I soak a small patch with Acetone for about 10 minutes. I calculate that it will take me about 10 hours at this rate.

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From contributor A:
Get some wet dry sand paper(220-600 grit) and some lacquer thinner/acetone and wet the drum and the sand paper then turn the drum on and sand away (like sanding on a lathe). Keep your paper wet and your goggles on and you'll be done in about 5-10 minutes. Just be careful to hold your hands solid enough to not get pulled in. I've done it several times and haven't had any problems except for the fumes.

From contributor B:
Using that solvent mixture with the machine running is an explosive situation, better to take your time and be safe.

From contributor C:
Gun wash may work a little faster.

From contributor D:
I just did one recently. I tried all kinds of solvents and heat. Paint stripper was the one that worked best and fastest.

From contributor E:
Goo Gone - you can get it at Walmart. It works pretty well. I had the same problem and tried everything. It is made for exactly what you are trying to do, and it's cheap.

From contributor F:
I just did one. I used a heat gun and rubbed it off with my fingers. It took about 10 minutes.