Repairing Loose Laminate

A few techniques to try when faced with this difficult problem - June 18, 1998

Q. What is the best way to fix hard plastic laminate that has come loose in spots? This laminate was put down using water-based contact cement.

A. Unfortunately, there's no perfect solution to your problem. It can sometimes be repaired with PVA (white or yellow glue). Simply apply the glue and apply pressure for an hour or so.

If the laminate has become loose in a spot in the middle of a panel, it can be repaired by using an iron on a low heat setting to reflow the contact cement. This may not always work because the problem can be caused by a lack of adhesive in that spot.

It shouldn't make any difference whether the contact cement used was solvent or water based; ultimately, you're dealing with a neoprene rubber bond.

Jeff Pitcher is Marketing Director for Custom-Pak Adhesives in Newark, Ohio.