Roller Hardness Decisions

Which moulder rollers to get hard or soft? Interesting info here on alternative sources for rollers. February 9, 2008

What is the better W & H roller to get - green or yellow?

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From contributor C:
We have customers that use both, but we sell more of the yellow ones. It all depends upon your application.

From contributor L:
If I were to replace mine I would go with the soft ones. But at over $120 a set, I think they make a bit too much profit on them. I would only replace them if I had to. The original ones from my 20 year old W&H are a little beat up but still work good; they are black.

From contributor S:
Find a printer in your area and ask where he gets his press rollers. Roller manufacturers in the LA area would get about $50 to recover your existing cores, and made to your hardness specs. By the way, if you have a forklift with solid tires, same guys can make them for a fraction of what the lift companies charge.

From contributor B:
Replacement green and yellow rollers are available direct from W/H for $50 each.