Rotary Lathe and Router Setups for a CNC

Here's a quick look at how CNC can incorporate a rotary axis holding the workpiece with a router doing the cutting. July 29, 2014

Question (WOODWEB Member) :
I'm going to add a rotating axis to my CNC router. What is the best cutting method to use the tip of the router bit or the side of the router bit? What should I start with for axis RPM and spindle feed rates?

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From Contributor M:
On a rotary axis CNC think of it as a round file unwrapped flat on a CNC table. This is how a 3 axis machine sees and machines the file. The same as from top down as you do it now yet with x or y rotating. Itís not a good idea to think fast lathe type use but you can do anything a lathe can.