Rules And Regs For Setting Up A Finishing Booth In Shop


From original questioner:

Just posted about setting up a booth. I am in southern California. I Have been looking at calosha and epa guidelines but everything I find is specific to spraying "flammable products" which I do not. I Spray 100% water based coatings. Is there any leniency for this or do I need to follow the same guidelines as for flammable products

From contributor ch

check NFPA code33. this is the national fire prevention agency which makes the codes for spray booths.

From contributor jo

I have and it refers to flammable materials

From contributor Br

I was always told to go by the solvent based specs even if water is the only product being used. The inspectors know that you may be using water but you may have a job next week that requires something else like solvent or oil.
I'm not in California but that's what I was told when I spoke to my local inspectors.

From contributor ch

check with your local fire marshal.
Also you can check with your insurance agent to make sure you are covered,