SCMI Sintex Multiplaner Capabilities


From original questioner:

i recently picked up one used and cannot find much information on it. i haven't even fired ours up yet as we are in between moving our shop and it is already in the new shop (awaiting power).

obviously, it is supposed to s4s lumber but will it do some light molding?

specifically, i'd like to be able to add a glue joint cutter (v-groove or round-notch) to give our edge profiles an extra bit of glue surface and to better align parts. i'd guess i'm talking about removing less than 6mm on either side and probably less than that.

can this machine accommodate this (with new knives, of course)?

From contributor JR

Assuming you can find the right 35mm bore cutterheads with close to the right OD, there is an adjustment to move the inside head transversely. I have no idea how much travel it has, I just peeked at the manual on PartsPronto. The outside head is designed for frequent width changes, it would just be a matter or calibrating the readout.