Salvaging Broken Bandsaw Blades

Busted blades can sometimes be mended; otherwise, the steel may be useful for making small tools or other purposes. February 9, 2008

Over the years I have accumulated quite a few broken bandsaw blades. Is there anything you can do with them? Has anybody made something out of them? Seems a shame to throw them away.

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From contributor T:
I'm sure you could send them back to your blade provider or resharp service to have them weld them up - they're the ones who make up the lengths from rolls, after all. There's also a good chance that any local metal shop has a metal cutting band saw and most of them have blade welders built into them on the side.

Depending on the reason for the blade breakage, it may not be worth welding back together, even if there is a slight twist or bend - this will make your guide bearings wear improperly.

From contributor B:
They make really nice parting tools for turners. One blade makes a lot of tools, though.

From contributor O:
They make great reinforcement if you put them in concrete!

From contributor T:
Contributor B, awesome idea for a narrow parting tool. I'm going to make that before I do any more turnings. I've been looking for a narrow parting tool that is longer than the many available ones, and meanwhile the perfect materials have been under my nose!

From contributor B:
I love mine. It is longer than the traditional parting tool which makes it really good if you have to do some tricky parting. Also the narrow kerf is nice.

From contributor J:
You can make an assortment of tools from them, but if you have a lot of blades, that only goes so far. Northern Tools and Grizzly Tools sell a shear that can cut the blades into smaller pieces. Any place that buys scrap steel will purchase them. Usually it is a small amount, but at least you get rid of them.