Sanding 3/8 Lip Doors


From original questioner:

I need to sand a bunch of 3/8 lip doors.

Some of the doors will be made of poplar lumber, some of them will be baltic birch plywood.

Is there any way to automate the edge sanding of these panels? Could I set up a shaper with some kind of rigid sponge sander to smooth out the edges?

From contributor La

Sanding with a typical shaper won't work because the RPM is too high. Larick & others make simple wheel sanders that take stretch abrasives for short run use.

From contributor ca

Thanks Larry.
I had not considered RPM.

From contributor JR

Have you thought about picking up a used Voorwood shape and sand? They are generally less that the Uniques and should handles your shaping and sanding in one pass.

From contributor Ad

Larry at Larick is a great guy. He might be able to get you fixed up for a lot less than a full shape and sand

From contributor Ma

Are you just wanting to sand the round over portion, or the rabbet also? I am not sure how tight you can get in the corner with the velcro paper used for the stretch wrap style sanders.