Sanding Inspection Lighting Ideas

Quick thoughts on lamp choices and construction for a shop-rigged inspection light at the sanding table. July 15, 2011

What type of bulbs work the best for sanding inspection lights? I would like to make a couple units.

Forum Responses
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From contributor W:
90W Sylvania Capsylite.

From contributor U:
Ultraviolet lamp would be the best choice. It helps to check residual glue where parts jointed and other defects on surface of white wood parts effectively.

From contributor W:
The lights that I mentioned are to view the work horizontally.

From contributor G:
I have experimented with this and found the flood style of bulbs work best. I use a combination of flood and spot. Keeping the light at the right height and directed across the surface is critical. Here is setup made from an old vanity light.

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