Sawing Hickory

... is not like a walk in the park. Here are tips that might make it a little easier. September 14, 2006

Will be getting some hickory in next week. Never cut it before. Any suggestions?

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From contributor D:
I don't know what kind of mill you have, or what you are used to sawing. I will just say it's hard sawing. I don't really like sawing it. Nothing difficult or unusual about sawing and drying it, it's just hard wood.

From contributor B:
Hickory is one wood where you need to think about going to a bi-metal blade if you want to make some production and avoid wavy lumber. I use a Lenox bi-metal B with a smaller pitch (I think it's 3/4). Watch out when you slab shag bark; try to get below the bark all the way down the log, or get ready to be seasick from the waves. Good luck - I don't like to mess with it, but it seems to always show up, and doesn't bring much money for the small guy. Oh yeah, don't have a heart attack when you see the price of the bi-metal ($40 vs $15).

From contributor T:
We saw lots of hickory. Use a debarker and there won't be any problem. We bought a debarker that fits on a chainsaw bar and it works great.

From contributor A:
During this time of year (May), you need to get the shell of the hickory lumber dry quickly or you have the blues.

From contributor R:
Hickory cuts better than oak. Just make sure you cut it ASAP, because of what contributor A said, and also it will cut better when it's still full of water. Once it starts drying out, it's a pain to cut.

From the original questioner:
You were all right about the hickory! Would rather cut white pine.