Sawing Stone with a Bandmill

They say it can be done with a specialty blade and lots of coolant. June 9, 2012

Does anyone know how to successfully sawn stone with a band mill? We have a Woodmizer we donít use much anymore and have an opportunity to saw some stone veneer slabs. Nothing real wide, 6"-12" wide stone, and they want to cut a 3"-4" slab off the stone. Itís mostly soft stone like limestone and sandstone. Can you get a diamond bandsaw blade and do this?

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From contributor X:
You can get a diamond-tipped blade for your WM for starting less than $300. I have never used one and don't know the ins and outs but I looked into one time for the very reason you're contemplating.

Based on my very brief research on it a few years ago, the guy I talked to at mentioned I needed one with gullets, not the continuous edge. You'll want to make sure your coolant system is working properly too but I never really researched what is the best coolant to use - I'd guess plain old soapy water.

From contributor A:
There was a guy in the WoodMizer Way mag down in FL about five years ago who was sawing some kind of coral stone with his WM. Seems he has to change the pulleys to slow the blade down and had a diamond band with lots of water. I am sure it can be done if you slow the blade and have a good one with lots of water to keep it cool. I am sure it can be done as I have sawed lots of rocks and steel over the years so I know the mill can do it.