Scmi Si 320


From original questioner:

I just purchased a scmi si 320 sliding table saw from an auction, does anyone know how much one of these sliders weighs? I think its a late 90's or early 2000's.

From contributor ja

Think like you are moving a mid size car around w/o wheels on it !!

From contributor La

I've got an SL16 and am sure it weighs over a ton. I'd take the sliding table off before moving it just to be safe. Even that is heavy. The out-board support removes easily and the support arm swigs back against the case. The rip fence bar comes off, the table extension & overhead guard support also. Anything that sticks out is at risk when moving.

From contributor De

I have a scmi si300n built in 1999 and it weighs around 1300 kg . I've moved it around the shop w/o taking it all apart but if it had to be moved anything more than a few feet I would take the side table, the rip fence and maybe even the slide table off along w/ the overhead arm.

From contributor Ry

i have one. They are about 2500 lbs. To move it without doing any damage to the machine or side table it should be disassembled. not really that hard. Takes about 10 minutes. Remember all of the bolts are metric. So a set of millimeter sockets,wrenches are recommended.