Securing Glass in True Divided-Light Doors

Tips on how to attach glass into mulled door frames. August 15, 2006

I am at the end of a large kitchen job and beginning on a cherry butler's pantry that will have six 20" x 36" x 3/4" glass doors with 12 panes each in them. I have made false mullion doors, but not true mullion doors. Any suggestions? Does anyone silicone the panes in? If I don't, will they rattle? They are sliding doors.

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From contributor L:
I recommend a rubber spline, especially for true divided light doors. No rattle, easy glass replacement, professional look. If you use silicone, use small puddles, not a continuous bead. However, the backside will not look professional without a spline of some sort, in my opinion.

From contributor J:
You can use glazing putty, although it takes time to set up. We tell the customer not to clean the glass for a couple of weeks, allowing time to set. It looks nice when done right.

From contributor B:
We've done this before and yes, we used silicone to keep the glass from rattling. Be very careful in your application so it doesn't squeeze out if possible, because it's just time consuming cleaning it out of the corners with a razor blade. I must say, though, that true lights sure make for a nice door.

From contributor T:
There is a clear or brown silicone spline that is sold in rolls by door companies like Meridian out of PA. The *continuous* silicone spline makes for a clean look on the back side and it has the benefit of easily being trimmed tight at the corners and is removable.

From the original questioner:
Thank you for your help. So these splines go in the same groove as the glass, in place of a stop?

From contributor T:
The spline that I am referring to does go in the same groove as the glass and does take the place of the stop. Very thin on the leading edge with a very small bulb at the outside edge and still below the line of the mullion so it is not seen from the front.

There must be a manufacturer that supplies the door companies, but I have never found out who it was, so I always got my supply of welting from the door company and I was actually hoarding my supplies for use on other panels including wood panels for their rattle free properties, and of course the wood panels can still expand and contract. We banned all other silicone products from the shop because of the finish contamination that they cause.