Setting Up a Kremlin Cup Gun

A finisher gets tips on how to dial in his new spraygun. January 19, 2012

I used the Kremlin M22 G HTI gun in a class and loved it, so I bought one. Problem is I wasn't taught how to adjust it. I've been spraying for quite a while but with a turbine, and decided to make the switch. I spray lacquer and conversion varnish. I bought the 3M pps so I can easily spray dyes and stains.

On the gun it says 6 bar. Is that just the maximum pressure I can plug in to it to prevent damage? That's 87 psi and I'm not sure why it's so high. I realize it reduces by the time it gets to the cap, but down to 10 psi like most HVLPs? How do I adjust the air volume control knob on the bottom by the regulator? The fluid and fan I think I can handle, but only if I can get the pressure right. Could someone walk me through the steps for adjusting this gun?

I couldn't get the Kremlin pump, so I figured I'd at least make an attempt to have one good do-all gun. After spraying 28 interior doors today... Yeah, a pump would've been nice. I barely got by with the adjustments I had.

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From contributor J:
Open the fluid control valve to max. It's the dial right behind the gun's needle. Open the fan pattern knob so it's as wide as possible. Turn the air all the way down, or off if you will. Now slowly turn the air on as you are spraying. You will reach a point where the finish is atomized well without excess overspray. This is where you want to be. Just experiment and you will get a feel. 6 bar is max before the gun's seals starts to explode. You will find you want about 20 to 25 psi at the gun with the trigger pulled.

From the original questioner:
Thanks. I guess it's that air volume control knob on the bottom that's throwing me off as far as going through your procedure. Two places to adjust the airflow. Correct me if I'm wrong here.

1. Set pressure on inline regulator with trigger pulled at 20-25psi.

2. Open fluid and fan valves all the way out.

3. As I'm spraying a test panel, adjust the volume control knob to get the correct atomizing air while disregarding what my regulator might say in terms of psi? I ask this because as I fiddled with the air volume knob the other day, it changed my psi readings on the regulator. Am I following you correctly?

From contributor J:
1) Your 20 to 25 with the trigger pulled is just a rough guideline. May need a little more or a little less.

2) Correct, and just leave them there unless you are spraying a very small part. If you adjust any of the 3 controls (fan, fluid, or air) you will need to make slight adjustments to the other 2. I leave my fluid and fan wide open 99.9% of the time. Very rare that you should need to adjust these.

3) I leave the air control on the gun wide open and use a small regulator with a gauge attached to the bottom of the gun. The 20 to 25 is just a starting point. It will probably read somewhere about 40 psi until you pull the trigger. When you pull the trigger it should drop to somewhere in the 20 psi range. Depending upon the viscosity of the fluid and your tip set, this will need to be adjusted up or down. The actual number isn't as important as the spray pattern. Adjust the air until you have a nice even spray pattern with fairly even small droplets. A good way to check this is a quick burst on a piece of cardboard.

Check out the CAT website. They have a gun setup paper somewhere on that site.