Setting Up a New Slider

Nine out of nine doctors agree: have the supplier's tech set up your brand new sliding table saw for you. Do not do it yourself. January 23, 2014

So tomorrow Iím finally getting the new SCMI SI Nova 400. I opted to set the thing up myself as the salesman said it was pretty basic. Is it in fact basic? Having it set up by a pro would run about $500.

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From contributor X:
Personally, I think $500 would be worth having a tech set it up for you. You can get a lot of work done in the time you will spend messing around with it, plus the tech can show you the ins and outs of the machine that will payoff down the road. I have always spent the extra money to have new equipment set up, I just consider it part of the price for a new machine.

From Contributor E:
I agree with Contributor X. Spend the $500 for a set up. I paid for a tech to set up mine and it was well worth it.

From contributor Y:
You will spend $500 just to read the book. The tech will get you started in the right direction.

From Contributor M:
I set mine up and it's like anything else. Because itís your first time it takes you twice as long to get it half as good as the tech would which leaves you tweaking for some period after as well. The bonus is you learn the ins and outs of the guts of the machine which makes future tweaks simpler, but if your saw is well setup initially you should be able to run for a very long time without any tweaking. Itís probably not a deal breaker but as has been stated if you tally your time, and the work you could be producing, while your setting up the machine the decision probably costs you multiples of $500.

From Contributor O:
Some companies will not let you connect the machine to power or turn it on until their tech has checked out all the connections, etc. Then he spends a day setting it up and training your staff. This is very valuable info if it is something you are not familiar with. Nothing wrong with trying to save $500, but it is probably money well spent.

From contributor H:
Spend the $500. I can't get a tech to drive over here for $500.

From contributor S:
I have the 350 and set it up myself and it cuts perfect. Where I am located there isn't an SCM dealer and the tech who works on SCM I would pay $500 to go to someone elseís shop.

From the original questioner:
Well, after the saw came and was unpackaged it became very clear that there is lots to deal with. One sentence in the manual said something to the effect of "set pin with sharp hammer blows until seated properly". Do what? Thanks for the advice. The Tech is coming next week.

From the original questioner:
The tech made it look easy. It would have taken me ages and in the end left me wondering if I did the right thing, if I forgot something (like "seat the pin properly"). I am amazed at the sawís accuracy. A