Setup for Perfect Polyester

Installer looking at a high-end polyester spray contract gets advice on booth, guns, oven, and more. July 12, 2005

We are looking to invest in a paint shop for a very special purpose. We are looking to have one with an oven, and everything 100% hermetic. I'd like to have more info about this kind of paint shop, as well as cost and anything else anyone can suggest.

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From contributor J:
All of the equipment and setup won't do you much good unless you have knowledgeable and experiences finishers at the shop. I would build around that first.

From contributor M:
Unless you are building computer chips or hard drives, you do not need that clean of a shop. If you are planning on shooting polyester, you won’t get an acceptable finish off the gun. You will most likely need to buff or polish.

I would recommend getting an automotive type booth and an Ionix blow gun. This should be clean enough for you. And the size of the oven depends on your volume of work, and the product that you spray.

From Paul Snyder, forum technical advisor:
Start with your local finish suppliers and work from there. You should have someone in your area that can get you set-up and meet local codes.

From contributor M:
This can be done with an automotive booth. If you are spraying polyester, you might want to talk to tech support for your poly supplier. They may have recommendations for spray equipment. You can shoot from a cup gun, but if you are going to do large quantities, you might want to look into a plural part system - one that mixes the material at the tip. Again, your material supplier or your equipment supplier will have recommendations.

Ovens are nice, but as with the plural guns, unnecessary. Poly cures as a chemical reaction, so heat does speed the process, but does not affect the final outcome.

You will need to invest in some sanding and buffing equipment. You can go from mild to wild with this stuff, too. I would look at Fein or Festool's 6" sanders. Festool has better dust extraction, but Fein is harder to stall. You can also run your flat pieces through a wide belt with segmented platens. You can buff with an automotive buffer or go with a floor/pedestal mount buffer as well.

From contributor B:
I've been spraying polyester for about 17 years. I had an oven at one time, but I don’t believe you’ll need one. For a spray gun I would suggest a Devilbiss pressure pot, preferably 1 gallon with a 769 tip. I would recommend board sanders for leveling on tables, and a 5" Dynabrade orbital sander for small flat work.