Shared Power Switch for Tool and Vacuum

Quick tips on linking tool and shop-vacuum power supplies so that the vacuum starts when the tool starts. April 24, 2013

Does anyone know of a switch that is available to be used like the Festool type which turns on the vacuum when the tool you are using is turned on? I have a Festool vacuum now but would like to incorporate other shop vacuums for out on installations.

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From contributor C:
I bought some at Sears, of all places. You plug the tool and the vac into the switch and the switch into a receptacle. I have one on my band saw so when I turn the band saw on, a light comes on and I have one on my ro so when I turn the ro on, a vac comes on. It also lets the vac run for a few seconds after I turn the ro off. I think they were only like 30.00.

From contributor L:

From the original questioner:
Thanks! I ordered 2 of them from Amazon this morning. I know I can always count on you guys on WOODWEB for answers to everyday problems.

From contributor G:
I like Lee Valley's automatic vacuum switch. They allow you to use separate plugs for the tool and the vacuum to prevent popping the breaker. If you are using a 3 hp router and a good sized vacuum this becomes a necessity.

From contributor N:
Contributor L, just wondering what kind of vac you use for your Mirka ceros. I have a regular shop vac plugged into an auto switch but the vac will only run if the sander is on one of the two higher rpm settings. It will not turn the vac on using the low rpm settings. I might buy an isocket to see if it would work.

From contributor L:
I have the Fein 9-20-25 Turbo-II 9-gallon wet/dry vacuum. It has an auto switch built in.

From contributor N:
Will that vac turn on when the Mirka Ceros is turned on in low rpm's? I use a dust deputy hooked to my vac. It keeps 90% of the dust out of the vac filter.

From contributor L:
Yes, the lowest rpm will activate it. I had a problem with the iSocket and lower speeds, but not the Fein vac.