Sharpening Laminate Files

There are laminate file sharpening services, but you might try a simple acid bath. July 28, 2008

I use a great deal of laminate files in my business and they are expensive for the good ones. Does anyone know if they can be sharpened? Is it worth it?

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From contributor F:
Take some MEK and soak the files for a day or so to remove the buildup. Then remove blow the junk out and let dry. Then get a new gallon of Muradic acid, pour into (plastic) paint tray and soak files for about 15 to 20 minutes (no longer) before removing and rinsing off with water. Blow the water off and let dry. And that’s it. Remember to put acid back into the container it came from and keep for the next round. It will only last a few sharpenings. Use with caution and don't breath the fumes.

From contributor S:
To contributor F: MEK?

From contributor F:
This is my best shot. MEK (methyl ethyl ketone) is a strong solvent that can be bought at any hardware store.

From contributor R:
There's more than one place that does a good job of re-sharpening files. I've used Boggs File and Tool several times with very good results.

From contributor D:
Save-Edge will turn the files around in about a week at very reasonable prices and the re-sharps have a life of about 90% of new or 90% of the last sharpening whichever was last according to the company.

From contributor M:
I remember 10 years ago a salesman walked in with a bottle of acid and soaked all my files in a container. 15 minutes later, they were all sharp!