Shelf Supports and Uplift

An unusual shelf setup needs restraint against tipping. What's the solution? Some shelf support pins provide a way for holding the shelf down. July 29, 2007

I've got a project with adjustable shelves that are 24" wide and 8" deep. The left front corner is rounded with a fairly large radius, so the shelf will only be supported at the back on the left end, and then front and back on the right end. If I do traditional 5mm holes and L-pins, I'm afraid the shelf will tip if she puts anything on the left end, and come off the support in the back right corner. I've searched the web and really haven't seen anything that was both functional and reasonably attractive. Any ideas?

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From contributor S:
Well, of course you need four rows of support holes. If you have a single line bore machine or a hand setup, you can place the row inside the radius.

From contributor J:
I get shelf pins from my supplier that have a small hole in the area where the shelf sits. I always thought those were for screws to secure the shelves to the pin. Wouldn't that fix the shelf enough to prevent it from tipping? The shelf doesn't sound like it's big enough to sit an engine block or anything on.

From contributor B:
There is an L shaped clip from Futaba (I think). One side has a 5mm pin and the other a 5mm hole. I screw them to the underside of the shelf with system screws and the other side into drilled shelf holes. The shelf is fixed but can be moved by removing only one screw and pin. I use three per shelf; the rounded side is unsupported.

From contributor L:
Try a 3/4 solid back and KV230 arm with double slotted support rails and fill in the spaces in between with 3/4 material. Little overkill but looks great.

From the original questioner:
I think we have a winner! I'd forgotten that I could just put a small screw into the bottom of the shelf through the hole in the shelf pin. That's the easiest thing, and will be the most functional, too. Thanks! That's why we come to WOODWEB - for answers!