Shelf to Support an Oven

Thoughts on the connection detail required for a shelf that supports a built-in oven. February 26, 2007

What is the best way to support a built-in oven? The cabinet has a drawer below the oven. Do you use a solid bottom under the oven, use runners, or is there a better way?

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From contributor H:
We just build with a 3/4" bottom that is dadoed in. Before we started dadoing we would put a nailer under the bottom on each side. I’m notot sure that was necessary but I slept better.

From contributor F:
I use a solid bottom under a double oven. I also use 1" ply for that part, but I'll admit that's overkill - 3/4" will do just fine.

From contributor D:
3/4 bottom dadoed into sides with nailer across the back, assuming there is no back.

From contributor T:
We use 3/4" material for the bottom and double up the sides in the drawer space (like a full height nailer). We do this for double ovens and it works really well.

From contributor M:
You don't need any reinforcement on a regular fixed shelf to hole up an oven. You don't even need a wide rail at the front if you are using face frames.

An oven is completely rigid across its bottom edge, and will thus not cause a shelf to bow in the middle like, say, books will on a bookshelf. All the weight of an oven is effectively born by the shelf right next to the partitions, and the shelf really doesn't have to even be dadoed in, just nailed or screwed well.

From contributor J:
1/2" material (flakeboard) will work just as well. Three vertical stiff knees on each side and a couple or three pin nails in the rail below the oven cutout works well. I’ve been doing it this way on factory cabinets for years and have had no problems.