Shopping for a Phase Converter

Woodshop owners offer opinions on phase converter choices in the market. February 1, 2015

Question (WOODWEB Member) :
Iím putting electricity into my new shop and wanted to know if anybody had any knowledge of the 1-phase to 3-phase converters you can buy to run 3-phase motors.

Forum Responses
(Cabinetmaking Forum)
From contributor D:
Try North American Phase converters, they did my 4000 square foot shop. They are incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. Pricing and shipping are very fair. We run wide belt sanders, shapers and a spray booth.

From contributor X:
Are you planning on getting any equipment with computer controls? I have to change out one of my rotary phase converters with a digital converter because of that. If so, it would be a good idea to just get the digital converter now. I plan on getting a phase perfect converter for my CNC controlled equipment.

From contributor U:
I second the phase perfect option. I had a rotary for years until the manufacturer tightened up the parameters on the frequency drive that controls the speed of my machinery. A little more pricy but worth it in my opinion.

From contributor H:
American Rotary - I have three in the shop. A small one to run a Unisaw and stock feeder plus a hinge boring machine if I want on the job. One on Weeke CNC. The other runs the shop Striebig, Maggi construction borer, 4 shapers, DC, HH edgebander, dovetailer and etc.

From contributor C:
Depends on equipment and number of three phase machines, but if you only want to run one, look at a variable frequency drive. You will get variable speed and reverse. More than one machine, get a rotary phase convertor.

From contributor O:
What about machines that have electromagnetic automatic brakes? Is phase perfect digital the only way to power these type of machines?

From contributor X:
To Contributor O - it certainly wouldn't hurt. Phase Perfect is going to give you the best supply of 3 phase power coming from a converter. The brake went out on my slider and I think it could be from my rotary converter. I wish I knew about phase perfect a long time ago. I would think they run a lot more efficient than a rotary converter also.

From contributor Z:
How much would a phase perfect cost for 10 hp? I have a rotary 7.5 hp but would like to run another piece of equipment in another building that has a 10 hp. I wired the rotary myself but it sounds like this phase perfect is plug and play. There is some time and material to get a rotary hooked up, some electricians have never done one.

From Contributor K:
I have owned American Rotary. Then I bought Phase perfect 60hp - different world, perfect balance, perfect is the right name. It is built like a Swiss watch with the best components money can buy. My power bill is down from $2,000/month to $800. Phase Perfect operates like an on demand water heater. It's an amazing piece of technology and worth twice the cost in my opinion.