Shopping for a Used Cargo Van

Good ways to locate a good deal on a used work vehicle. April 4, 2011

I'm looking for a place in the TN, VA, NC area to buy good used vans. Any suggestions?

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From contributor C:
We bought a used E150 off of Craigslist. We had to put a few dollars in it, but we've put at least 70k on it in 3 years and it's strong as ever.

From contributor T:
We live in TN and searched craigslist for about two weeks looking for a good used van. There were three good 1 ton Dodges in the Knoxville area. We bought one of them. They are great because of the extra length and weight.

From contributor J:
I have bought two from dealers that sell Penske rental trucks. They both had less than 100k miles and are in good shape. I'm in California. I would avoid U-Haul like the plague.

From contributor K:
Friends have been paying ten to thirty cents on the dollar at auction. Lotta fleet lots, with great maintenance.

From the original questioner:
The auctions (public) around here are kind of sketchy to me. I like to test drive, etc. Nothing good on craigslist right now either.

From contributor C:
I always save for a rainy day. Deals come along when you least expect 'em.

From contributor J:
Here in CA, I used an auto broker (a licensed dealer who doesn't maintain stock) to pick up a van from auction for me. He emailed me lists of possible vehicles, and I was able to carfax the VINs, etc.

I ended up with a former fleet vehicle (good maintenance) with no body damage at a price 15-25% lower than Craigslist or a regular dealer.

It even included shelving, tool drawers (which I sold) and a bulkhead partition (essential for your safety!).