Should I Spray Paint Edgebanding?


From original questioner:

I am refinishing a kitchen. I would like to sand and spray the plastic edgebanding. Do you have any advice? Will it bond well?

From contributor Ro

We spray hpl and pvc banding after scuff sanding with 150/180 with Chemcraft Aquaprime. It seems to stick to everything including glass. It can be top coated with precat, cv or 2k.

From contributor ji

Thank you Robert!

From contributor Pa

The Aquaprime sounds a lot like Zolatone SP-97 waterborne primer (see data sheet link below). We use it to paint over laminate - without sanding - and it works very well. After it dries overnight it can be topcoated with pre-cat, CV, or 2KPU. Do NOT thin before spraying - it will get mud cracks.

Another option when you're using 2KPU is the Tie Bond primer from Matthews paint. It also does a great job - see link below.

From contributor ji

Thanks Paul! just jim