Silicone Oil Additives with Conversion Varnish

Thoughts on the compatibility of silicone smoothing additives with various finish types. June 7, 2011

When we used nitro lacquer we added Smoothiewith good results. We're now using Valspar conversion varnish. Can Smoothiebe added to their vinyl sealer and conversion varnish with the same positive results?

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From contributor F:
You can add Smoothieto just about anything. Instead of using Smoothiethough, you might be better off finding and eliminating the source of the contamination causing the fisheyes.

From contributor K:
Once you add silicone to your rig you have to add it forever.

From Paul Snyder, forum technical advisor:
Silicone oil cleans up from spray equipment easily. It's a myth that the equipment or spray area/booth are contaminated and a continuing source of trouble. People don't always use Smoothieand similar products just to avoid fisheye.

From contributor F:
Paul, what other purpose is Smoothieused for?

From Paul Snyder, forum technical advisor:
Silicone can be used to improve leveling, mar resistance, slip and gloss, and reduce orange peel and cratering.