Simulated Goat Skin Finish

remember the '80s?)June 18, 2013

I was a finisher in South Florida in the 70's and went off to another profession. I am getting back into it and many things have changed. We used to do a lot of simulated goat skin finishes and have a client interested in it. I remember some of the process but am looking for some help to refresh my memory on the process. I remember I used to shoot off base, use a light glaze stippled seal and another glaze contrasting, and remove portions of that glaze to leave the contrast giving the goat skin look. Any help would be nice.

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From contributor M:
You don't say what finish you are working with so it is hard to make specific suggestions. I agree with the base color and then a couple glaze coats to match the goat skin you are trying to match (it does come in different colors you know). Depending on what finish you are using adhesion between the glaze and your finish will be the biggest issues.

From the original questioner:
I am shooting a slight off-white lacquer base, Vandyke brown and white glaze together for a light mocha first glaze. Itís hard to remember after being absent from the business for 25 years.

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From contributor F:
What is the end use for this goat skin? Also, why did you leave finishing, and what brought you back?

From the original questioner:
The end product is an entertainment unit. I left finishing after ten years in late 70's to start a successful aerial photography company for the last 25 years. Iím still flying, but a year ago started back into finishing and am making some money and I get a lot of satisfaction from it.