Sizing a Circular Dining Table

How big should a round table be to accomodate 8 chairs and diners? August 3, 2009

Does anyone care to share some info on what the diameter of a circular table would have to be in order to accommodate eight people? What about the size of the base in relation to the table top. I donít want a tippy table. Residential use, 1/32" veneer face/backer, solid wood outer band, applied skirt. Specifics on the base are up for discussion.

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From contributor J:
The top, I'd say about 5 1/2 feet across. The base I'm less sure about.

From contributor D:
Use 24" as a minimum, 30" as a norm, and 36" as generous for one person/chair at circumference. 8 x 3' = 24' - for an approximate radius of 4'. Hard to reach the center, or pass the potatoes if there are less than seven seated. The chairs will perhaps make the call. Draw it in plan and see how the chairs fit when all are pushed in under the table. The base has to be about 18" in from the edge to minimize tipping. This puts it in the combat zone for feet/shoes, and dang close to the feet of the chairs. You have hit on the two major drawbacks to large round pedestal tables.

From contributor J:
Following on contributor D's thought about the chairs making the decision, being able to shove chairs all the way in against the table top would probably require roughly 6.5' in diameter if the chairs are armless, seven and a half feet or more for arm chairs. My initial five and a half feet would be relatively intimate, and wouldn't let you shove chairs all the way in.

From contributor Z:
I built a 5' diameter oak table for our own use and as a prototype, and it seats six comfortably and seven in a squeeze. I used four legs on it, so I don't have any thoughts on the base.