Soaking Spraygun Tips Overnight

Pros recommend soaking the spray tips (but not the air tips or gun) of air-assisted airless spray equipment. December 8, 2006

I read several times here at the finishing forum that it is advisable to soak the tip overnight. Recently when we were setting up our new rig the salesman said not to. Is there anyone out there doing this, and has there been any damage?

Forum Responses
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From contributor M:
guns and HVLP tips (lids, handles, and all) for even a couple of days (I forgot I put them on the soak and wasn't finishing anything for a few days) and there was no harm done. If I have a tip that's clogged with something like cured CV or 2K poly, I soak them in MLC's "Flow Enhancer #2). It doesn't dissolve it but it does soften it quite enough to brush it or swab it out.

From contributor K:
I don’t soak the air tip overnight, I usually clean that by hand. I have two tips and one is always in lacquer thinner with no damage at all.

From contributor E:
I soak my tips. Sometimes I forget and leave them in for 2-3 days and still there are no problems. I normally give them a blast of air when I take them out to remove any material that might be hanging in the small holes.

From contributor F:
I would say after using a Kremlin MVX for over 2 years you must get a jar and just leave the tips soaking all the time, or you will be buying a lot of new tips