Solid Surface Installed Over an Oven

It depends on the oven and the type of solid surfacing. January 9, 2007

Is it viable to install an oven under a solid surface countertop? Would heat generated cause long term reliability issues?

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From contributor L:
Usually, you need to put a silver reflective heat tape in that area to keep the heat away. It's been a while since I did SS and I was certified for Fountain Head brand. At least 15 years for me.

From contributor D:
I encourage you to take a solid surface fabrication class. You posted a couple of questions that a trained fabricator would not need to ask. I respect you and your willingness to work with material you are not familiar with, but there are a lot of ways you can fail if you are not prepared. Probably the best source for training is the International Solid Surface Fabricators Association.

From contributor K:
Find out the brand of solid surface and call or e-mail a rep from that company. Be a little more specific with him as to what brand of oven. Does it set in a cabinet with face frame between it and the top, etc.? They will be able to tell you if it will void the warranty. Also find out where your seam is at, because you do not want your seam over the top of it. One last idea would be to slightly pull the stove forward so that when the door is open, the heat is not going directly up and under top (without seeing it, I am only tossing out ideas here). If you have not yet picked your solid surface, Swanstone is one of the most durable and heat resistant on the market. I have actually held a plumbing torch to it and it will not crack like acrylic products. The only drawback is you cannot put the shine on it that you can the acrylic products.

From contributor V:
Depends on the oven, really. Is it designed to go under tops? I've done about 10 ovens under Corian with no problems. Just need good support and heat reflective tape under it. The ovens were designed for this application, though. No seams over oven! I highly recommend you take the Corian certification class. It's worth the time and money. I used to teach the classes. I had guys doing it for 10 years and learn something from the class. I even learned a few tricks from them too!