Solid Surface Seam Fix

Advice on an undetectable patch for a small area of discolored seam in a solid surface top. August 3, 2009

I have just installed a 20' LG Himac counter. A seam was made on-site and looks good but there’s 2" on the top, and also the 8" of buildup. I installed on-site to overlap, and the seam has white lines in the seams. Any help on how to fix such a problem would be greatly appreciated.

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From contributor T:
Just run a v-groove bit over the seam and then glue in a square strip (1/4" X 1/4" or whatever size you need) on edge. Sand flush and finish like normal. Do the same on the face.

From contributor A:
Many times you will get a white line if the glue gets too hot while finishing the seam. Sometimes this can be fixed by applying a little superglue. It changes the color back to the color of the material.

Contributor T posted about cutting a v-groove into the deck. This is a great tip. If you don't have a v-groove bit, just use a regular straight bit and cut down into the material about 3/16", cut and fit a piece into the slot and glue with the seam matched color.

From the original questioner:
Thank you for the help. I did the v-groove and was very impressed. You had to know where the seam was and even then you could hardly see it. Thanks again