Solid Wood Edging for Euro Cabs

Tips for attaching thick wood banding to frameless cabinet panels, instead of standard edgebanding. October 27, 2008

My customer is okay with Euro style but wants real wood edging (like 3mm or 1/8) rather than thin edgebanding. Just wondering if you have done this, and is there a quick way? I don't have the ultra-expensive type of edgebander that could put a sold wood edge on something... but it would be nice. Face frames are not an option.

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From contributor A:
Sub it out.

From contributor D:
I had one out of hickory like that. Ran a groove on the front edge of my plywood rips and made t-edging out of 5/8 x 11/16 stock. Finished the strips and applied (pre-fin plywood). Worked like a champ, and the homeowner loved it. One of the features they showed their friends.

From contributor N:
If you can't sub it out, which would be my first choice, then I'd apply the edgeband with Fastcap's Speed Tape and trim with a laminate trimmer and flush trim bit. Depending on the wood type, you may want to buy a roll of the edgeband. Though not inexpensive, I think it's far more cost effective than making it yourself. Lastly, I'd push for 1.5mm rather than 3mm. Same effect, but easier to work with.

From contributor R:
I would use my edgebander to glue on wood strips then trim it with a hand trimmer. You should be able to turn off your trimmers and somehow disable the roll cutoff. These may not be able to handle 3mm stock. You could make your own strips or buy it depending how much you need and how long the roll is. Don't forget to move your system holes back.

From contributor J:
You can get .5mm wood edgebanding on a roll that may work with your existing edgebander.

From the original questioner:
My edgebander can't glue anything thicker than 1 mm, but perhaps I could use it to trim thicker strips that I put on? Worth a try. I have a lipping planer that could be used for solid wood. The laminate trimmer bit I haven't tried before. And the Fastcap Speed Tape is a great idea. Thanks for your ideas. I may sub it out, as most of you suggest.

From contributor H:
The Fastcap speed tape will not hold up to the finish if it is solvent based.

From contributor S:
I bought a matching set of edge banding router bits from MLCS. They have two different styles - V and T. Both let you put a real wood edge on your sheet goods and you can control the reveal from zero on up.

From contributor C:
Rockler sells a router bit pair that makes a male/female profile - the male is your solid stock. Rip it down to slightly over depth and it pops in very sweet, sandable, solid.