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Furniture-makers suggest useful design resources. August 14, 2007

I am just starting out in business in Connecticut. A restaurant furniture supplier wants me to build some booths for his show room and maybe someday sell. This could be a major break for my business. Does anyone know where I can find a set of plans to build these or at least get some ideas?

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From contributor G:
Architectural Graphic Standards, Tenth Edition by Charles George Ramsey and John Ray Jr. Hoke
Interior Graphic Standards by Maryrose McGowan and Kelsey Kruse

Go to Amazon and search "Graphic Standards." These books give standard dimensions of thousands of things, including tables, seating, restaurant layout and so on.

If you are new to this, be warned that the second oldest line in woodworking from customers is "I want you to build me this at a really great special price, and if I like it, I will see that you get more jobs." If you do get a referral, the guy usually wants the same, or a better price than the one you gave his friend. For what it is worth... Don't know your deal.

From contributor M:

Just do your research on your customer. And the one axiom for any business deal, "Get it in writing!"

From contributor T:
I've found "Shop Drawings for Craftsman Furniture" to be a great resource. has the whole book in DXF format for about $20. Contributor G's suggested titles are also very informative. I recommend going to the library and seeing which books contain relevant info to what you want to achieve. Then go buy it if you like it. Most of these books are pretty old and should be available there.

From contributor W:
I really use Thomas Moser's book on Measured Drawings of American Furniture. The name may have changed, but still Moser.

From contributor E:
'Architectural Graphic Standards' by Ramsey/Sleeper have banquette seating specs on. page 20.