Sourcing Closet Drawers


From original questioner:

We do closet organizers and drawers are currently our bottleneck. We do a 1/2" melamine drawer box, nailed together with a 1/4 bottom. We're fairly efficient at making them, but they're still eating up a good amount of time.

For commercial cabinets we used to use Zargen and Metabox drawers both of which were considerably faster, but their full extension setups are lousy and 3/4" extension doesn't cut it for a 14"deep drawer.

Anyone know of a decent/affordable drawer system for this application?


From contributor Be

I should add that for an outsourced drawer box, assembled, incl. shipping I'm getting quoted about $30/drawer. Ideally looking for a less expensive option.

From contributor Ri

Another option to consider is vinyl wrapped drawers from someone like BHK or Olon.
These are a good option if you use a good quantity of a few sizes. They come flat and with a bottom groove and you can have face mounting holes predrilled. They will even supply precut bottom. I used to buy them 200 - 300 at a time in 2 - 3 heights. Quick to assemble.

If you use different sizes and lower quantities they you can buy 8' lengths from local distributors. If you have a vertical or beam saw you can optimize and stack cut the parts even for a large order pretty quickly.

In nearly 30 years, I RARELY had a customer even ask about drawer construction or material. It is just not an issue in closets since the use is generally so much lighter.

From contributor Be

Thanks Rich. What is the assembly method for the vinyl wrapped drawers you were using?

From contributor Ri

If you buy them in bulk by size they are v-grooved and you need to run a bead of wood glue in the groove, especially for the front. The back will be doweled to the side. Glue is good in the back joints, but I only had one failure due to lack of glue at the back joints.

If you cut to length, I used 18 gauge brads to butt join them. Again, customers never pay attention to this detail fwiw.

From contributor Be

Thanks Rich