Spar Urethane - Minwax Vs. Varathane


From original questioner:

I was looking through some articles on poly's, and I think I've decided on using Spar Urethane for some outdoor furniture.

Any suggestions on the best Spar Urethane? Varathane vs. Minwax? I'm looking for something clear (not amber) and satin (little to no gloss).

Or, any suggestions on something better than Spar Urethane for protection & finish on outdoor wood?

From contributor Ro

Not to be rude or above purchasing items from the big box stores, but both of those products are for homeowners and DIY professionals. The only brush on exterior varnish I would begin to recommend is Epifanes, often found at Marine Supply stores. Next would be a spray 2K Urethane by ICA or MLC

From contributor Ad

Minwax Spar Varnish is like their floor poly with a splash of uv stuff in it.

Spars are the mast and boom on a boat.

I would also recommend buying a marine grade true spar varnish. The most common good ones are made by Epiphanes and Interlux.

From contributor RR

I make a great deal of outdoor furniture (Adirondack style) and agree with both of the above comments. Epifanes. If it works on my boat and chairs and tables, it should work with your "outdoor wood."

From contributor Ji

Do you know if epifanes yellows or if there is a good waterborne varnish. Thanks..

From contributor Vi

anyone have trouble with spar urethane gloss drying to a dull finish