Spray Room Radiant Heat and Makeup Air

Radiant heat is nice, but a spray room still requires conditioned makeup air to balance the exhaust. January 8, 2010

I am adding on a new room for a spray booth, 30' x 40'. I am thinking about using hot water heat in the concrete floor. Has anyone done this?

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From contributor B:
How are you replacing the air that you will take out with your exhaust? This air will need to be heated in order to spray at the proper temp in the room.

From contributor C:
What part of the country are you in? You will need an air makeup unit with heat built in to balance the exhaust. The floor heating would keep the room warm when the makeup unit is off. It's good to keep the room and finishes warm overnight.

From the original questioner:
That is what I was wondering. I know it would not be enough to keep room warm when using booth. I haven't checked on any air makeup units. What would you recommend? It would have to be propane and single phase? I am in MO.

From contributor C:
What size booth are you putting in? That will determine how much air flow or CFM you need for the makeup room. You always want a bit more air coming in than going out. Depending on budget, having variable speeds will allow you to reduce air speed for drying purposes. If you are buying new, your supplier should be able to get the makeup unit too.

From contributor B:
The local people that you would deal with for the booth should be able to help you with a heated AMU. Propane should not be a problem. You will be able to get single phase, however it will cost more to buy and more to run. This could be a good time to look into what it would cost to bring in 3 phase.