Spraygun Cup Choices

Pros and cons of various spraygun cups. November 25, 2008

Does anyone else get incredibly annoyed and frustrated with the 3M PPS cup, liner, and adapter system? I use it with my Devilbiss sprayers at work and every time I go to put the lid onto the cup, the damn thing won't go on for the life of it... It's like the cup and lid weren't meant for each other (in actuality, it's probably the solvents or chemicals in ML Campbell's stains that swell the plastic)! I hate this system, which stinks, because it saves time with cleanup and whatnot. Are there tips to get rid of this problem, or are there alternative companies that make a similar system that have this figured out?

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From contributor J:
Devilbiss makes their own easy-clean liner system. Check it out at their web site or spraygunworld.com. There is a great video that is both clear and convincing.

From contributor M:
Iím using the gravity cups and Iíve found that you have to allow air to escape from the PPS system when you put the lid on, otherwise you will have problems with it seating properly. In my case, I have to remove the lid from the gun or disconnect the gun from the air source and pull the trigger when putting the cup together. I have not had any other problems with this disposable cup system, and I spray solvent based stains, glazes, sealers and CV.

From contributor C:
Devilbiss Dekups. They are easier to use and cost less too.

From contributor E:
Do not soak the lids or the hard plastic outer cup and collar in solvent; they will swell slightly, making it hard to get a good seal between the lid and liner. If I want to reuse the lid and liner, I just wet them down with thinner from a squirt bottle and wipe them down at the end of the day.

From contributor D:
DeKups is De Nuts! Much superior in every conceivable respect and a lot cheaper too. Can't be beat and extremely simple to use.

From contributor T:
Sata RPS cups... The cups are hard, no liners. They vent from the top as well, so no vapor lock.

From contributor D:
Can't agree with the SATA cups (and this is from a guy that owns 13 SATA spray guns) or any cup system without a bladder. The bladder is what enables the gun to be used in any position, which is a huge advantage when spraying inside of cabinets. All these are plastic versions of the normal cups that are disposable. They in no way do what the PPS or DeKups do. Gerson also makes a legitimate contender that uses a bladder, but its system is quite complicated.

From contributor E:
I admit I have never used the DeKups, but after viewing the video I have to say I don't see much difference between DeKups and the PPS system. What makes it a better system than 3M PPS?

From contributor C:
To begin with, Devilbiss is cheaper. They come in a nice dispenser box which you have to buy from 3M. They both work in the same way, but the Devilbiss is easier to put together. I had problems with the 3M not sealing properly, resulting in finish leaking out when the cup is inverted.

Also, the Devilbiss is more rugged. The black retaining ring on the 3M cracks fairly easily. They are both nice systems saving a lot of time in clean up and thinner. 3M makes a lot more adapters for different brands of gun. Devilbiss is limited.