Spraying Contact Cement

Woodworkers report success using spray equipment to apply contact adhesive. May 20, 2006

I can't tell you exactly how it happened, but I started shooting contact cement in an old HVLP turbine system I had, and I have never looked back. The only thing I had to do was to use some 1/4" plastic tubing to add a little pressure to the gun cup through the existing nipple on the top of the cup, and it worked like a charm putting out a nice elliptical fan of methelyne chloride cement.

This is an old model Wagner HVLP, and the fact that it warms the air slightly makes the glue almost instantly ready to use. Due to its small size and freedom from needing a compressor, I can tote the thing around to job sites with ease.

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From contributor J:
How is clean-up with this set-up?

From the original questioner:
I have never cleaned this gun except for spot cleaning the outside where I have dripped on refilling. I can pick it up and spray instantly anytime. I do, however, keep a small squeeze clamp on the small plastic pressure hose when I am not using the gun to keep air from getting to the glue or the glue from expanding back into the tube.

From contributor J:
In a store-front shop I worked at 4 years ago, I sprayed contact cement onto 4x8" paper skinned Styrofoam panels. The panels were then covered with plastic laminate, which I also sprayed. The rig that we used in this enormous dwelling was a 55 gallon drum filled with the cement, (compressed) with a 50 foot hose and gun.