Square Foot Finishing Cost


From original questioner:

We use one price/square foot for all of our finishing : $6/square foot ( a 1' x 1' door would = 2 square feet= $12). This is before we add for overhead and profit.

I'm curious, if any of you use this method, what do you use as your square foot price?

From contributor Ca

Do you figure faceframes the same way? I don't really have a standard that's why I'm asking. Thanks.

From contributor te

Calvin- Yes, our software (CV-bid center) calculates every square foot of finished surface, including faceframes. So I just multiply it by our sq. foot price. Hope that answers your question!

From contributor ti

You'll get a more accurate response if you post this in the finishing forum.

From contributor Ca

It does.... Thanks Ted!!!

From contributor Je

a 1' x 1' door equals 1 square feet, not 2. :)

From contributor Bo

JeffM all my doors have two sides, do you have some one sided doors or give the back side away free? My finisher charges for both sides.

From contributor mi

we sub out our finishing and are charged about $6 per square ft.

From contributor JO

Am I to understand $6 a square foot, top & bottom of shelves and cabinet backing.? What about drawers?
That can add up quickly, maybe I'm leaving $$ on the table, we're at $40 for base lineal and $45-55 on uppers depending on height ..

From contributor te

Hey Joe, I agree, it does add up fast!

One note, if you are charging a base price for lineal foot, does that take into account a finished interior (for bookcases let's say) and a non-finished interior for a case with doors? I think this is an important cost factor.

From contributor Jo

actually ,i just measure across in inches ,divide by 12 and multiply by lineal cost.
i can see where this may play into either my favor at times, and at the customer's at times...but honestly no matter how you figure it , it will always seem that way..
i mean ,$12 for the top side of the bottom shelf of an upper is a bit easier than the bottom of a shelf in a base.. or am i just too old? :D