Static Electricity And AAA Rigs


From original questioner:

So I'm coming from a background of conventional siphon and gravity feed guns, and am now teaching myself about air assisted airless. I'm mounting my pump and reading the manual where it says to ground the pump body to an earth ground, ok, got that, and then it says to ground all pails being sprayed into. I shoot waterborne so 90% of this is moot for me, but I clean my equipment with methyl hydrate which is volatile like acetone. I would like to avoid an ensuing fireball, and also would like to know how to ground the plastic pail that I will be recirculating the thinner in when cleaning out. I saw on a video by CA Technologies where the guy said that if you remove the air cap and tip, you don't have to worry about static electricity problems? This would mean grounding the pail of thinner isn't necessary?

My other thought is should I just find a metal pail and put a separate earth ground onto it as well, and use that for when flushing with thinner?

I'd sure appreciate some guidance as I'm not so sure that my commercial insurance covers fireballs due to stupidity on my part.

From contributor Ji

Get a static dissipative floor mat like from uline or Graingers, ground it and put whatever pail on that. The air cap/tip removal thing seems questionable.

From contributor De

Not a direct answer but if you spray WB I suggest you try using Simple Green for a gun cleaner. I have been using it for years and it does a fantastic job while being very safe and environmentally friendly.

I mix it at 10% with water and use in a parts washer for cup guns and small parts and when cleaning the pump I just run the same ratio solution through the pump and hose and then let it do its job.

From contributor St

Thanks guys for the tips. I'll give the simple green a try. I've got a couple of new metal 5 gallon pails with lids and have them grounded, just to play it safe for now until I learn more about all of this.