Sticking Plastic To Wood


From original questioner:

I've tried all types of adhesives. Gorilla glue, mounting tape, Krazy glue, UHU all purpose adhesive, contact cement, hot melt glue.... nothing is working!
Im trying to stick a led lights to the roof of my table (under the table). The tube light is plastic (i presume) and the table is wood. Since im trying to mount the tube to the table, im fighting against gravity. The mounting tape worked but just for a while. About two weeks later, the lights start to fall off. here's what the led lights look like
Im starting to lose sleep over this! I really dont want to resort to nails... Any special adhesive i could use for this purpose???

From contributor Ri

3M makes a double backed trim mounting tape that is pretty good, or go to a scew mount cable clamp.

From contributor Le

Regular silicone from the tube will likely hold this for a long time. Get a brand that says adhesive properties on it.

From contributor Er

have you tried to finish the part where you are applying the tape? Raw wood will dry out pva adhesives.
Just a thought.

From contributor pe

Have you tried the Fastcap tape for putting laminate on. It really sticks.

From contributor du

As said silicone works on most smooth surfaces. Also have you tried Roo glue? We have used it on a lot of plastics and metals.

From contributor Re

Well, i went with two part epoxy and so far so good