Storing Cabinets in a Shipping Container

Moisture and rust might be concerns when you use a shipping container for temporary overflow storage. November 5, 2013

Has anyone had success storing cabinets in shipping containers for short periods of time? I need to store finished cabinets for about 8 weeks as we are maxed out in the shop. I would worry about humidity and possibly odors.

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From contributor C:

From contributor H:
Just got off the phone with my finishing company today and they have been slammed with work recently and so they got 4 shipping containers to store finished jobs. Seems they are pleased so far. If the finish can't take heat or humidity (if that's even an issue) then maybe the finish is what's lacking!

From contributor D:
I would be careful doing this because they are great at taking the water out of the atmosphere. If there is no ventilation for the air to exchange, you will have all the parts on your cabinets swell. At least this happened to us. Rust was another issue. If you are in a dry part of the country you may not have these issues. Keep an eye on what is going on.