Strong Face Gluing Without Clamps

Suggestions for quickly and securely attaching small pieces to the face of a wood trim element without fasteners. March 4, 2008

I'm faced with the task of fastening some square decorative wafers to the face framing of a wainscot, and everything is already installed, so I can't get behind the frame to clamp. I'm thinking of PC11 epoxy so I push the piece into position and it stays there. This must be very strong - one of the wafers is even on an outside corner and will undoubtedly get bumped over time. All other details have been fastened with glue and there are no fastener holes, so I'd like to continue the job without nailing. I also want the wafers to be very tight to the wall and not show a crack and am a little worried that the PC11 won't achieve this. Can anyone recommend a good stay-put glue that won't require clamping?

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From contributor C:
I'm assuming the surface is not finished yet. Quick setting wood glue would require only a 30 second hold in place and be very durable. If the surface is finished, that's tougher without a glue thickness line. There is a good double sided tape called 3M VHB that comes in different thicknesses and will be virtually unremovable after curing time. Used for installing yacht and aircraft interior panels and many other applications. I use the thin one a lot in custom woodworking.

From the original questioner:
No, the surface isn't painted yet. Which of the quick setting wood glues is strongest and most readily available?

From contributor K:
A couple of drops of CA glue and the rest covered in yellow woodworking glue. This will give you an instant bond and when cured, it will be very strong.

From contributor J:
Everyone has a favorite; mine would be 5 minute epoxy and some masking tape to hold in place after pressing out. Bombproof.