Stuck Gravity Cup Lid

Tips for loosening stuck cup lids. April 20, 2011

I own a Kremlin M22 Basik gravity spray gun. It has a plastic gun cup with a twist on/off lid. I admit to often filling it two thirds full and then spraying material gets into the threads of the lid. Being an older fellow with diminishing hand grip, it can be almost impossible to loosen the lid. I have lubed it, slightly reduced friction between the threads by dremeling away at the threads, and even called Kremlin to ask about replacement. They say there is no other cup available. There also seems to be no adapter or rigged plumbing parts that fit the threads at the gun body to change to a cup I have on hand. Any ideas? I am to the point of not using the gun, which would be a shame, as it sprays beautifully.

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From contributor M:
What about the 3M pps system? When I used to use cup guns, I tapped the lid with a hammer to loosen them up, but they were cheap, so I didn't really care.

From contributor B:
Have you tried just tapping the lid on your bench, or tapping on it with a screwdriver handle? I have the same gun and I tap on it in the same manner I tap on a jelly jar lid to loosen it up. Works every time.

From contributor D:
I use a pair of small strap wrenches. After cleaning gun, I put the cap on loose.

From contributor R:
1. Remove cup from where it attaches to the gun.
2. Throw into trash can.
3. Replace with compatible 3M PPS or Devilbiss Dekups system.
4. End of all cup problems.

From contributor B:
I have the same problem from time to time with my Accuspray. I just flip a hammer around and give it a good tap or two with the handle and the lid releases.