"Sugaring" Using Waterbased Stain On Solid


From original questioner:

We have been using waterbased stain and lacquer for over 3 years and recently are having issues with what I'm told is "sugaring". When the sap in the solid (maple) reacts to the stain; it is resulting in a terrible finish. The "sugaring" occurs after the application of stain (dark colors show worse). It was recomended that we wipe with acetone before applying stain but this has not helped at all. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

From contributor GM

A long shot, but try tanning chemicals. Maybe a wipe on- wipe off would work. If it is truly sugar then the tanning chemicals would eliminate or suspend it. From what I understand, tannic acid arrests the development of sugars and their compounds or, at least, keeps the bugs that eat them at bay.
This may be a question best asked to Gene Wengert wood doc.