Switching To Pre Cat For The Winter


From original questioner:

Just wondering if anyone else does this or has thought about it. I mainly use CV all year, but as it gets colder, I start to stress about shop temps. My shop has a great heating system, but no air make up, so turn on the booth fan for a few minutes and there goes the heat. Low 60's is average with the fan running on a cold day. No issues with cold checking yet, but I still worry. Data sheets on pre-cats still talk about a minimum temp, just wondering if there are any serious effects other than a longer dry time. I currently use Chemlife 24 and Varicure precat, from chemcraft.

From contributor Br

I use the same products. The heat in my building is adequate. No air makeup but with 2 booths running the heat stays around 60 no problem. Once the ambient temp of the building is up we have no issues.
The only product that has ever cold checked on me was varicure tinted black. It was my fault. Sprayed a table in the am. Put it on my truck at 4 to take it home. It was probably around 20 outside. Luckily it was a table for myself. Good lesson to learn.

From contributor Js

I understand that if you are a small outfit and don't spray a lot that you could maybe get away without a make up air unit, but why would you?
The units are only a few thousand used or you can get a new one for $8-10000.
Spraying with warm air is so much easier, secondly if you have a booth without make up air you are probably causing a negative pressure in your building causing all your furnaces and water heaters to not vent properly. It is fairly easy to fill your building with carbon monoxide.
Anyways in closing I would say that I am only trying to make your spraying easier and safer.

From contributor Jo

Don't know if this helps but I have sprayed SW pre-cat down to 45 degrees with no problems. I don't have a spraybooth so have to spray outside. I do try and do it on a sunny day so the sunlight can help dry.