Syringe Sources

Syringes are handy for measuring and mixing custom-tinted finishes. Here are tips on where to find suitable syringes for finishing purposes. February 13, 2006

Does anyone know of a good online source for syringes? I can't find them anywhere. I've got a glazed sample that will be a bear without some syringes.

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From contributor F:
I get mine from the local animal health supply store, where farmers get their stuff.

From contributor D:
Try your local pharmacy. They might need an explanation of what you want them for, but usually they won't mind selling you some.

From contributor J:
Pharmacies will only have small syringes, and most will not sell to you. If they do, they will be higher priced. We have a farm supply store near us (Rural King) that has them up to very large sizes. Be warned that all syringes will be lubricated with silicone on the rubber stopper. You can strip the silicone off with naptha, but they do not slide very well after that. They will only work for a limited time before the rubber stopper pops off the plunger.

From contributor C:
I buy calibrated syringes at my local paint and wallpaper supply store. They are sold as seam syringes. Sherwin Williams carries them at a few of the local outlets as well.

From contributor S:
Do an E-Bay search using the term "glass syringe". Glass syringes do not have rubber stoppers. Also do a Google search on "glass syringe". A couple of good sources are and A thumens (sp?) syringe or irrigating syringe might be another object worth investigating.

From contributor G:
I've used various types of syringes and droppers for formulating colors and measuring additives. How do you use a syringe for glazing?

From the original questioner:
I never knew getting some syringes would turn out to be such an adventure. It also never dawned on me that they may be lubed with silicone. I've only ever used them at one shop I worked at, and assumed they were easy to get. We used them to run a tight, solid bead of glaze in tight crevices and such.

From contributor G:
How about an ear syringe? That'll hold lots.

From contributor N:
I get mine from Vista Dental. Do a web search for this company. A vet supply store, as mentioned above, will have these also.

From contributor I:
Mcmaster-Carr Supply Co. has a good selection.

From contributor E:
Air-Tite Industries has the best syringe made for our purposes. It is called the Norm-Ject syringe and it is made in Germany. It is completely made out of polypropylene and contains no rubber. I buy them all the time for the exact purpose you describe. They have a website. Cost is very reasonable as well, and they are completely able to be cleaned with lacquer thinner and used over and over again. Norm-Ject is the nuts.

From contributor U:
I get my larger syringes from the local veterinary. Pharmacy locations will sell you the smaller syringes.