Table Saw Problems


From original questioner:

I have a 3hp. delta cabinet saw, I have two problems and I need help.
the armature that holds the saw is a little bit too loose, I can move it if I try to raise it with my hands, when I turn the motor on, it jumps making some noise I have to lower the blade all the way down to avoid that jump, the other problem, the locking mechanism in the center of the elevating wheel does not work and vibration lowers the saw, the saw is new. any help will greatly appreciated. thanks

From contributor ca


1- I think the drive belts are loose on your saw from the motor the the arbor. Should be augmentation on how to adjust and tighten the belts

2- Holding the raise of the blade is usually a center knob in the front of the crank whell. If the allen set screw is loose on the side of the crank wheel the center knob will not tighten.

There are a lot of good videos on youtube.

From contributor DA

I see your problem right off. You bought a new table saw, expecting perfection right out of the box.
Fifty years ago, my dad brought home an Indian motorcycle in two bushel baskets. He said one thing, "if you cannot take your motorcycle apart and put it back together again, you have no business riding a motorcycle."
Just riding down the road will loosen every nut and bolt. It is best to know everything is tight, first, before you begin to ride.
Your saw needs to be fine-tuned before you ever plug it in. To know your machine will serve you well.