Tambour Doors


From original questioner:

A yacht owner wants us to put doors in the yacht's kitchen and other places but with restricted space i can only think of tambour roll up doors to work, however, we have little experience custom building / installing tambour doors. Where is a good place to start looking for a supplier etc?

From contributor St

Richleiu for one (open a commercial acount), http://www.richelieu.com/us/en/category/doors-drawers-wood-components/tambour-door

also just Google tambour doors. Depending on your time and resources, cutters are also available to make your own.

From contributor Br

I'd make them, not all that hard and you can have exactly what you need.

From contributor sc

Tambour doors are pretty easy to make. I wrote an article for FWW in their Oct 2013 issue that spells it out. You'll get a way nicer product making it than buying something off the shelf.