Tapered Rollers on an Edgebander

Users and service techs differ on the usefulness of tapered pressure rollers on an edgebander. October 19, 2014

We just picked up a used Holzher 1435. It's my first bander and I am now getting familiar with the concept everyone here talks about, which is constantly fussing with them. This machine has a feed roller, and then two passive pressure rollers immediately following it. We got two sets of pressure rollers with the machine. 1 set of tapered, one set of straight. The previous owner says use the straight ones on everything. The tech says use the tapered on everything but thick solid wood. The diameter of the largest end of each tapered roller is the same diameter of the entire straight roller. So, wouldn't the straight roller be best to use for everything since it puts the same pressure on the whole surface than just one edge? Or am I thinking about this wrong?

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From contributor K:
The idea is that the tapered rollers are installed one with taper up and one with taper down in order to concentrate pressure at the top and bottom edge of the panel. It all sounds good in theory but I'd go with what the guy who used the thing day in and day out had recommended rather than a tech who (forgive me techs) deals with best case scenarios all the time.

From Contributor D:
What's the angle on the taper?

From contributor N:
Don't ask me how I know this, but the tapered rollers are for solid wood because its recommended to put it on with a bit of a curve, probably to allow for more glue in the center and a tight joint on the edges. Judging by the amount of people who don't go through with this I have to think it might be a case of over-engineering.

From contributor C:
Put the straight on. Even pressure against the face is what is needed. Use the recommended pressure. A lot of people think that by over-pressurizing the pressure rollers they get a better bond, but they don't, they get spring back. This is especially true with 3mm.

From the original questioner:
That's kind of what I thought. Thanks for the input.