Techniques for making tapered rips

Various machine and jig options for producing large quantities of tapered parts are offered . January 9, 2001

I am looking for a way to make lineal runs ripping tapered cuts. The measurements are 1.5" on one end, 2.5" on the other and 32" long. We currently use a table saw with a tapered jig, but I need to find a more productive way. Has anyone ever done this on a straight line saw application?

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A jig is probably the best option. I have run tapered material through a moulder holding the part in a jig. Use urethane rollers through the entire machine and build a nest to hold the part. The nest and part are then pushed through the machine with a pusher stick. You only run the top head. The work piece must be prepared on the other three sides before putting it into the fixture.

Are you using a power feeder to do this on your table saw? If not, this may increase your production.

Dave Rankin, forum technical advisor

I did this several years ago on a Mattison straight line ripsaw to cut staves for glued up columns. If I remember correctly, I simply offset the fence from parallel to achieve the correct taper. The tail end of the fence should be pushed away from the blade so the material doesn't push off the fence when the chain grabs it and pulls it through the saw. I don't think I used a jig.

Use a panel saw--if it cuts thick enough, stack cut them for less tear-out.

Stand at the in-feed side with an angular fixture affixed to the out-feed table.